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Power Dynamics Innovations LLC was established with the asset purchase of Power Dynamics LLC in June 2015 by Carl Liberty. For the past ten years Carl has been the Vice President of Operations for Power Dynamics LLC and has played an integral part in building PDI's position as an industry leader in the Fluid Power Industry. Located within the John C. Stennis Space Center in Southeast Mississippi, a team of 42 full time employees provide worldwide engineering and manufacturing solutions to the fluid power industry. As a private company, located within NASA's Stennis Space Center complex, Power Dynamics Innovations (PDI) follows NASA's strict safety and security standards. Stennis and its private sector partners rank as one of the nation's top places to work according to a Partnerships for Public Service (PPS) survey. Power Dynamics Innovations' engineering and manufacturing expertise is known and respected throughout the fluid power industry.
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Power Dynamics Innovations Manufacturing and Service
The key to PDI's success has been our team of dedicated employees providing successful fluid power solutions for over thirty years. PDI stands today as a leader in the industry, engineering custom  equipment, including Horizontal Directional Drilling Units, as well as providing worldwide repair and maintenance field service. PDI's team of professionals understands the challenges of the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers. As aging equipment infrastructures deteriorate, the repair and / or rebuilding might be the best "Cost Effective Solution" extending the life cycle of the equipment. As PDI began modifying and repairing other manufacturers's HDD's in 2012, customers began to request new units that could be customized in a way that made them Simple, Reliable and Easy to Maintain. PDI has since developed a line of HDD drilling solutions available in 500,000 / 750,000 / & 1,000,000 pounds of pull-back. With PDI's on-site service and maintenance options, clients experience minimal equipment downtime, and many have come to rely on us for this very thing.

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